Small Groups

The most effective way to communicate and stay connected is in small groups.  Our small groups allow one to express one’s gifts and talents freely in an environment that is closely aligned to one’s individual interest.  

Adult Groups

Young Adults Ministry
ages 18-40

This group focuses on individuals ages 18 to 40, married and unmarried.  The focus is to allow individuals of this age group to connect and engage with others in their age group. The group will focus on creating a communication outlet for meaningful and thoughtful issues specific to Young Adults.

Every 2nd Friday at 7:00pm

Girl Talk

Women from all over connecting and coming together where they can be restored and empowered. Girl Talk creates a comfortable and non-judging environment where women can come and share their life experiences. The mission of Girl Talk is to help women understand their true worth, identity the uniqueness in who they are as well as walking in the trueness of God's Word.

Psalms 139:14 says " I am fearfully and wonderfully made".


Yielded Vessels Dance Ministry

Youth and adults alike ministers unto the Lord in liturgical dance on a monthly basis.  This group allows for the release of worship through Dance and spiritual enrichment is also utilized by way of bible scripture sharing.

Every 2nd & 3rd Saturday at 12:00pm

Fascinating Wives

Married women can build strong friendships with other married women and share the nuances of being a wife. Discusses the different aspects of marriage and share tips on how to become better wives. Provides an avenue for encouragement and fellowship.

Every other month on 3rd Saturday at 10:30am

WOW Book Club

Meets every 3rd Saturday - this group brings together people through the love of reading.  It gives an avenue for them to read and discuss books to share their reading experience thus enhancing their reading experience. (Time of meeting TBA)


Men's Group

This group provides an avenue for the men of God to share in encouragement to one another.  In addition, the men have a platform to discuss topics that affect their lives such as the marketplace, family, their destiny in God and so much more. The men’s group will achieve its mission and fellowship in various venues to foster strong fellowship and sharing of common interest.

Every 4th Saturday at 10:30am

Youth Groups

Elementary Group
1st - 6th grade

This group is facilitated to assist young people in connecting one another in a friendly and structured environment. The activities and trips will allow these young people to exercise their thoughts and opinions while also having fun.  Fun learning about Christ is the foundation for these young angels as they are shaped and molded for future impact.

1st & 3rd Friday at 7pm

AMAZIN Teen Group
7th - 12th grade

This group shapes middle and high school students into a healthy relationship with Christ and others.  
We create a safe, relaxed environment where teens can express themselves without the fear of judgement.
We discuss topics that teens face in school, home, church etc.
Through themes, team building/activities and games we encourage our youth to use their gifts, skills and talents confidentiality among their peers.
We hope through this group our teens develop relationships into adulthood and most of all have a strong relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.
We want them to have an AMAZIN experience!!!

1st & 3rd Friday at 7pm