Dream Team

Get involved by joining our Dream Team.  Bring your gifts and talents to become part of the vital team utilized to support the church.  The whole objective of the Dream Team is to create an environment that will bring Glory to God.

Join Our Team

Help Ministry

Sis. Jacinth Sutton

Working with Church Administrator/Senior Pastor's Administrative Assistant, the goal of this ministry is to provide support in the areas of assisting in the planning, preparation, and serving of food and/or refreshments for WOW ministry functions. This also extends to visiting Pastors and/or their congregations. This ministry plays a vital role in the annual church cook-out.

Security Team

Deacon Edward Cunningham

This ministry is designed to ensure a safe and secure environment in and around the house of God.  All members are responsible for securing church services as well as special events. Nehemiah 4:6 Responsibilities include but not limited to directing orderly parking of vehicles at all services, reporting any overlooked activities (i.e., lights left on, flat tires, etc) and overseeing safe departure of congregants after services.

Beautification Ministry

Sis. Alicia Pierce

The purpose of this ministry is to oversee the overall beauty and ensure cleanliness in all areas of the church’s’ interior (including, but not limited to restrooms, vestibule, offices, classrooms, and general janitorial duties). Maintaining a clean worship environment exemplifies reverence and holiness to God, creating a welcoming environment for all who enter in. Ultimately, all members are responsible for helping to maintain a clean church.  1 Corinthians 14:40

Music Ministry

Min Andrew Cox

The purpose of this ministry is to follow the biblical command in Psalms 150 to praise God on the instruments. It serves to help set the atmosphere for worship services, plays, concerts, and special events.  Presently, the Music Ministry consists of an organist, drummer, and a guitar player; but other instruments of praise are welcomed.

Sound/Production Ministry

To provide the technical components of all in-house services, plays, concerts, and special events. Ensure that the sound system of PA and microphones, lighting, video, audio and stage set-up, are set properly for a smooth flow of the service and/or production.

Praise and Worship

The purpose of this ministry is to charge the atmosphere with praise and worship through music, songs and exhortation. This aids in saturating the atmosphere with the presence of the Holy Spirit, while preparing the hearts and minds of the congregation to receive the Word of God.

REACH Ministry

Min. Ervin Dove & Sis. Grace Vesprey

The purpose is to take the church to those who are not able to come to church. This is accomplished by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in halfway houses, nursing as well as provide assistance and aid those in need, especially during the holiday season and times of stressful circumstances. James 5:20


Bishop Luckey

These are members of the body of Christ with the ability given by God to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis on behalf of the church, the community, and the nation.  Intercessors are the “heart of the body” - Warriors who stand behind the Visionary and petition and intercede on behalf of the church and its mission. Prayer is offered for salvation for the lost, healing of the sick, and deliverance for the bound.  John 17, Col. 1:9-12


Deacon Alex Sutton

The maintenance department acts as a building superintendent for the overall upkeep of the church making sure that the building is in working order, including lighting, grounds keeping, installing/repairing fixtures, scheduling preventative and repair maintenance.